The Way Home

I was at Books-A-Million the other day perusing through some books and picked up this one that was entitled, “23 Questions About Hell” by Bill Wiese. One of the questions referred to there being only one way to heaven. And the story goes that there is only one way you can get to this guy’s house and if you try to go another route, you will get lost and not reach your destination. So it is with God guiding us to His home.

The ONE WAY to God’s home is through JESUS CHRIST the Son of God. He left His place in heaven and was born of a virgin. He lived a life of trust and obedience to HIS HEAVENLY FATHER and exemplified peace, strength, stability, unconditional love, forgiveness, grace, joy, and much more in the midst of pain and suffering. Then He was betrayed, accused, beaten beyond recognition and sentenced to die the death of a thief. He lived an innocent life but died the death of a thief, taking upon HIMSELF sin, sickness, disease, hate…It doesn’t seem fair….an innocent man dying an accused death. I’m so grateful the story doesn’t end there! Let me just pause here and breathe a prayer of thanks to Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, for willingly dying the death of a thief…thanks Jesus. The rest of the story is that Jesus was buried in a tomb and was raised up after being dead for 3 days! He is living! He is active in my life! He is my WAY home!! I’m an alien in a foreign land. This is not my home. But while I live here, just as Christ lived a life of peace, love, strength, stability, joy, etc., so can I. BUT it’s not easy. The only way I can have peace, stability and assurance is trusting HIM from the bottom of my heart and quit trying to figure things out on my own. It’s a battle I face every day. I am weak but HE is stronger. And when I accept my weakness and allow Him to be strong in me, I am one step closer to HOME.