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Here’s my second cd. The songs on this CD are inspired by my life experiences and friends’ experiences with whom I’ve walked. I pray you will be encouraged. God is good!

JESUS LOVES YOU was inspired by the memory of rocking my sons to sleep and singing to them “Jesus loves you this I know….” This song flowed easily from pen to paper as I recalled my sweet little babies resting in the safety of my arms.

LEGACY was written after my Grandmother passed away. I would go with my mom to my grandmother’s house and we would go through all her stuff and decide what would be saved and what would be given away and what would be thrown away. I remember sitting in the middle of the floor surrounded by all of her stuff and I asked Mom, “So is this what happens? You live your life….you collect stuff…and then someone else goes through all your stuff and decides what is worth keeping and what will be thrown away?” I was so distraught about the thought of this that I was impressed and encouraged by my husband to write this song. It truly shares the cry of my heart of wanting my life to be more than…just that….more than…

WAITING was a song that came out of a time when my dad’s life was touch and go after having several heart attacks. I would drive my mom over across the mountain to the hospital and we would sit and wait…and wait….and wait. It was a very difficult time as we didn’t know from one day to the next whether he would live or die. By-the-way, he is still with us but his health is very fragile.

TOGETHER is my husband’s favorite song because I wrote it for him as a gift for our 28th Anniversary. He truly is my hero and I love him with all my heart.

DON’T PASS ME BY and HERE I AM were written during a time of struggle in my life battling the feelings of defeat and inadequacy.

GOD’S LOVE was a tune I had written years ago and had forgotten about. I found this amateur recording stashed away in a box and penned these lyrics. God’s love is more than we can ever imagine…what other God has EVER given His ONLY SON to die on behalf of a world filled with sin, shame and  darkness so that we could be made blameless…now that’s love!

THE PEARLS was inspired by a story I was told years ago that was jogged in my memory from having to let go of a ministry I poured my heart and soul into and had 20 years invested. It was one of the most difficult decisions I’ve ever made but God was impressing me to let go…because He wanted to do a new thing in me and for me. I’ve never regretted letting go.

YOU ARE HOLY – God is a holy God and I think in the distractions of every day life we lose sight of God’s holiness. He’s so much bigger than anything we ever come up against in this life we live. I just wanted to write a song about it.

STAND UP – I was doing a study on Gideon and his life when I wrote this song. I struggle so much with feeling inadequate, and in my weak moments, I can have a tendency to lose sight of WHOSE I am and begin to feel like the victim instead of the victor that I truly am…because God has already fought my battles for me…I just need to act like it!


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