An Inspired Listener


From Denise Gaddy
Jill’s music is inspired, and I can say that with a certainty. I have many CD’s from different artist’s such as Michael W. Smith and Mercy Me but none have touched me like Jill’s. Her songs are like no other because she wrote them in a manner that I can relate too.

Touching on doubt, sadness, worry for loved ones and their salvation, the Joy of the Lord, and no matter what our answers are in Christ. I told Jill when I first got her CD that I had two favorite songs.  The first is “Don’t Turn Me Away” and the second is “I Wonder.”

It’s amazing how God has His hand in every aspect of our lives.  Jill sang “Don’t Turn Me Away” at my brother Robbie’s funeral and it brought me the greatest comfort. My sweet brother was dying from cancer and we brought him to my home so I could care for him. During the last days of his life I would play Jill’s music in his bedroom over and over. He loved it and so did I. I felt like that song was written just for Robbie and I.

I bought several of Jill’s CDs and given them away as gifts so that my loved ones can enjoy them as much as I have. I’m looking forward to another one and the blessings it will bring!

Denise Gaddy


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