It was in the late Summer of last year when I was driving through the Tree Street area with my mom that I saw it. A frog had jumped up on the windshield of my vehicle…while it was moving! And held on for several minutes as I kept driving. It was the strangest thing! I’d never seen anything like it. I was sharing this with a friend and she said, “Jill, that is cool. F.R.O.G. Forever Rely On God”. I thought about what she said and realized how significant that was because I was praying about a major decision in my life that would be a big change for me…and that was all I needed to know. F.R.O.G.

It’s been several months since then and I did make that change in my life. And although it has been difficult at times I think about that little frog that jumped up on my windshield reminding me to Forever Rely On God