The Brown Horse

I took my dog for a walk today. We walked over to where the horses were lounging in the field close to where I live. As I got closer to the field the brown horse noticed me coming and lifted his head up and ran over to the fence to greet me. He had never done that before. Oh, sometimes he would mosey on over to the fence in curiosity and sometimes he would lift his head and then go back to pulling at the grass as if to say, “Oh, it’s just you.” But today the brown horse literally ran over to me and along the fence as I walked toward the field and along the gravel road. I had to laugh because it just took me by surprise. But then I remembered the last time I walked through there I told the brown horse I would bring him a treat…perhaps an apple? I wonder, did he understand what I said to him a week ago and just knew I had his treat? How strange. It seemed as if he was waiting…waiting…waiting on me and then when he saw me he just got so excited!! Only to be disappointed because sadly I did not have anything to give him. I talked to him for a bit and said I would be back because after all, I did promise him a treat. So I went back to the house and found 2 apples and quartered them and cut the seeds out and walked back out to the field. This time he did not run over to me but I started talking to him and held out my hand with the sweet treat resting in my palm. He sauntered over and his soft lips grabbed the treat from my sticky hand. He munched and I held out another piece for him to enjoy. I was delighted by his gentleness in retrieving the sweet treat from my hand and how he guided me to feed him from the bottom of the fence….there was an electric wire stretched along the top…of course, the bottom of the fence…well that makes more sense. I was waiting to see if the other horse would join us and once he figured out his friend was munching on sweet treats from the lady with the orange hat he made his way over to us. As I walked back to the house I thought to myself, “I’ve started something now.” I really know nothing about horses, except, they do like apples. I guess, I will have to have a treat in my pocket every time I walk over that way from now on….because I can just bet that the brown horse will expect me to deliver.