God Wastes Nothing

“God wastes nothing.” Words I heard slipping from my lips as I was talking to a friend the other day.They just came tumbling out. I’m just learning about this…really. Learning to embrace the fullness of life…the good and the bad…the ugly and the beautiful…the happy and the sad.

I just witnessed this the other day as I sat in the church pew with my mother experiencing a family grieving their loss…sad, bad, ugly…but yet hearing the wonderful memories with this loved one…oh so loved…and how she left such a legacy of good, happy, beauty.

That’s the challenge, you know. Every day. Where is the beauty in the midst of this ugly that we face? Where is beauty in abuse? Where is the beauty in unfaithfulness? Where is the beauty in regret?  In the arguments? In young death? In betrayal?  It’s not really those things that are beautiful but it’s what is birthed in the midst of such tragedy. When looking in part I see the bad, the ugly, the sad. But then I step back and realize what’s happening in me…a transfiguration. Strength building within. Love pushing out hate. Compassion softening the callouses of my heart. Fear bowing down to courage. And I’m changed. I see life from a different angle.

And I look up because I know the only way I will see beauty in the ugly is through God’s lens. My lens is distorted and only sees in part. He sees the whole. His vision is clear. So I trust God and pray that my heart is at peace as I rest in Him no matter what ugly I find myself in. Because I know, I know, I know that God wastes nothing. I am HIS and ALL that I am and do and go through is to be a portrait of God’s handiwork…because God is big enough to take ALL of me… especially the bad…the ugly…the sad…what seems to be the waste in my life…and forms the beauty of His grace shining through. God wastes nothing.